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A day without laughter is a day wasted - Charlie Chaplin


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Just about everyone, even your doctor, is in agreement that entertainment is the best medicine whether its watching your favorite medical show or movie, catching up on the latest jokes, blogs and magazines or playing video games including the latest health trend, exergames.

But following the lives of celebrities especially when they have to deal with the same day to day health challenges we face fascinates most of us.

Besides entertaining and disappointing at times celebrities can also inspire us...whether it's Alicia Keyes helping AIDS orphans in Africa, Bret Michaels dedicated to improving the lives of diabetics or Henry Winkler working with dyslexic kids, they all put a smile on our face.

Did you know Henry Winkler from Happy Days fame lived with a severe case of undiagnosed dyslexia for nearly half of his life. Despite all that he holds three degrees and has directed and starred in several TV shows, films, and plays. He also earned a master’s degree in fine arts from Yale and is the co-author of a very popular children’s book series called “Hank Zipzer - The Misadventures of The World's Greatest Underachiever.”

Pretty impressive for a guy who can’t read very well, can’t spell, and can’t figure out math. But, in the long run he made us laugh!

So, enjoy Healtainment! Take a happy pill, humor heals, it hurts when I laugh, a stitch in time saves nine...we have heard them all or just about...by the way - where's the funny bone?