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Child Health

Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future - John F Kennedy

Child Health

image by: Steve Ford Elliott

Our kids at one time or another will get sick. Measles, mumps and chicken pox . . the doctor says that what we gots! Don't remember the song? Better yet, won't it be nice when we don't remember the diseases.

Although they have declined significantly over the years, they are still with us. So, it's all here - the most common child health concerns worldwide plus the most common health and medical related topics searched and discussed on-line.

Then again, there are plenty of controversies when it comes to our kids...to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, mobile phones and cancer, EMF exposure, food and water safety. It goes on and on!

And what about the "growing" childhood obesity epidemic, perhaps the most pressing issue facing our generation. The rate of children identified as obese has tripled in the past thirty years.

Why? Because kids spend a lot of time in front of the TV, or the computer, or playing video-games and less time outside running around, being kids. Oh yeah, and because kids eat crappy food. Families are busy and that leaves very little time for parents to prepare nutritious snacks or home-cooked meals. Whatever is quick, inexpensive, and easy is the reality for most families.

One organization that is trying make a difference is Let's Move which is pushing what they call the four pillars of health: Getting children more interested in nutrition, making healthy foods more affordable and accessible for families, improving the quality of food in schools, and increasing physical activity.

Let's Move may help encourage kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle. But the reality is that change starts at home, with the parents... I know. You're busy. But, if we do not change; 1/3 of all children born after 2000 will develop diabetes during their lifetime, or they will face other chronic obesity-related health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and asthma. And, if we do nothing, we will be the first generation of parents to outlive our kids. Tragic, but your choice.

*If you suspect that your child may be at risk for any of these conditions, or have symptoms that may cause you concern, consult your physician immediately.