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Vaccination Health

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate...'That is the question' that continues to be unresolved even after the landmark study that linked autism to vaccinations was found to be fradulent

Vaccination Health

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Almost everyone agrees, well, almost everyone - that vaccination has been one of the single most effective public health measures ever undertaken. Vaccination eradicates disease.

Then why the controversy? When it comes to vaccinations, there is a strong argument about public good versus individual rights. And in certain specific cases, vaccines have been associated with significant disease or possible long term damage to a percentage of people, primarily children. More recently evidence suggests that the adjuvants used in vaccines could have played a role in the development of gulf war syndrome.

Is there middle ground or any solutions to this controversy? The middle ground is probably represented by the United States and Canada, two countries that enjoy an extremely high level of vaccination and very, very low levels of preventable diseases. At the same time they provide the opportunity for individuals in most cases to be exempt from vaccination on the basis of religious or medical reasons. This balance allows the majority of the population to be well protected while still giving individuals the right to exercise the freedom to choose.

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