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Flu vaccinations have become an annual event in most developed countries, yet the flu continues to affect tens of millions of people each year and causes 250,000 to 500,000 deaths worldwide. So, what's wrong? Is the flu virus smarter than us?

Flu is hard to diagnose early on because flu-like symptoms are associated with many other diseases aside from the seasonal flu making it difficult for doctors to diagnose the illness just based on the overt symptoms plus the flu is very contagious, but more importantly influenza viruses can change with time, like many viruses, thus producing new strains each season.

However, most people including public health agencies still believe the ultimate preventive measure for the flu is annual vaccination, despite the ongoing controversy that surrounds vaccinations in general.

But, flu vaccines have their own issues, even more so now since the Swine flu pandemic of 2010. Like all pharmacological agents, flu shots can have side effects and more importantly they are not as effective as once thought. Some studies indicate that they are less than 50% effective!

Even if you get the flu vaccine and take everyday preventive action you can still be unlucky and get the flu...it's one of the smartest viruses known to man!

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