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Cancer is such a friggin' monster. It's radical. You go through the process of ‘what are you going to do...Patti Hansen

Bladder cancer tends to occur most commonly in people over 60, Caucasian men, and smokers. But, bladder cancer isn’t just a man’s disease.

Patti Hansen, who survived bladder cancer says she wants to help other women who have bladder cancer. She says, "It's not something people talk about. When I found out that I had it, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is an old man's disease!

You go to Sloan-Kettering and you're sitting there with all these men with prostate problems. And all the information I was getting out of Sloan was for men. They have really got to move this forward for women, because now they are seeing more and more women with bladder cancer...”

When diagnosed and treated at an early stage, 95% of bladder cancer patients survive more than five years.