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It is perhaps the most controversial scientific question of the last two decades. Does mobile phone use cause brain cancer?

We are constantly being bombarded by EMF (electromagnetic fields} from the notorious power lines and microwave towers to the wireless router and the latest EMF emitter, smart meters. Yet we persist in carrying EMF with us wherever we go - the ubiquitous cell phone.

You would think that with all the research studies performed on this topic this question would have answered by now. But the answer is not a simple yes or no.

Those who support the contention that there is no sufficient scientific evidence to prove that prolonged RF exposure from mobile phones can cause cancer are government entities, cancer organizations and of course the industry itself. Primarily because the majority of articles published during the last two decades report that there is no association between mobile phone use and increased cancer risk.

On the other hand, many consumer groups are wary of the results of the INTERPHONE studies because of the phone industry’s strong role in the funding. The involvement of GSMA and MMF is not unusual. Industry-funded research is quite common in biomedical science. Unfortunately, there have been recent controversies regarding “conflicts of interest” on the part of scientists who obtain funding from the pharmaceutical industry. These incidents sadly put a question mark on the integrity of many scientific studies that are valid and bona fide, regardless of sources of funding.

There are also groups and individuals who are convinced of the hazards of EMF. Contrary to popular belief that only lay people and consumer groups believe in the mobile phone-cancer link, many scientists are actually taking a second look at the evidence at hand.