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You get to take home colored pictures of your colon and insides. I’d share mine, but I do have some pride left - Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

Who should be screened for colon cancer and when remains controversial. But what about which one should you get? Colonoscopy or virtual CT colonoscopy.

According to Peter Apicella, MD, chief of radiology at Salem Community Hospital in an article in MD News, "virtual CT colonoscopy involves a less intense preparation, does not require sedation, is less invasive and provides minimal disruption to a patient’s routine". Sounds great on first blush. the downside is you are being radiated and aren't we exposed to enough radiation as it is!

On the other hand, conventional colonoscopy can miss proximal colon and minute tumors, but at the same time it can also remove possible pre cancerous polyps on the same visit. So, which one is better...it's basically up to you. Essentially the best test is the one you take!

The good news is colon cancer is not as devastating as it is cracked up to be! "I think the attitude has changed among doctors, especially when it comes to metastatic colorectal cancer," says Paulo M. Hoff, MD, an oncologist at the MD Andersen Cancer Center at the University of Texas in Houston. "We used to have a pessimistic view. But now we're seeing more patients with metastatic cancer responding to treatment. They are also responding well for a longer time."

"We have more tools than ever before to treat colorectal cancer," says Leonard Saltz, MD, leader of the colorectal disease management team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. "What we're doing now is learning how to use them most effectively." Source: WebMD