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Preventing or lowering your risk for prostate cancer is not as easy as once thought!

One of the largest studies on the effect of vitamin supplements on prostate cancer produced rather disappointing results and had to be stopped prematurely. The National Cancer Institute SELECT trial investigated whether supplementation with vitamin E, selenium, or a combination of the two can lower the risk of prostate cancer. Unfortunately, the results after five years revealed otherwise. In fact, study participants who took only vitamin E actually had a slightly increased risk of developing prostate cancer while those taking only selenium seemed to have a slightly increased risk of developing diabetes.

However, two medications had been shown to be highly effective. Finasteride 5 mg daily reduces the development of both lower grade and higher grade prostate cancers by 25 to 30%. To prevent higher grade prostate cancers, the use of statins (cholesterol-lowering medications) can be very effective, up to 60% reduction in death from prostate cancer.