Editorial Policy

Before we tell you our editorial policy - we have to tell you why HealthWorldNet.com came to be?

There is a plethora of web sites dedicated to health and medicine. Many do a fine job of delivering the information that they have to offer. But it is just that plethora that prompted us to develop a Site where people can go to find information in one place, to be able to use it, bookmark it, and compare it to other sites offering the same or similar information without having to run search after search. A web portal if you will. We do not offer medical advice – we offer a doorway to web-based information.

There are a number of sites that deal with the same topic and/or issue. Our goal is to find the best ones out there and present them to you so that you can find all the information you are looking for, pros, cons, traditional, alternative, old practice, new techniques, research, trials, treatments, news and information. We don’t offer our opinion or advice, only information – we want you to have as much information as possible so that you can go to your doctor or health care provider, discuss the options and decide what’s best for you.

Editorial Policy

With the above in mind, we offer our editorial policy. As a web portal, it is our belief that much credible and valuable information is available through the Internet. So it is with this as our guide that we have gone through literally thousands and thousands of web sites, identified those we felt had value to our users and put them into an organized data base that has become HealthWorldNet.com. However, a link to another site does not imply approval or endorsement of the material or products advertised on the other site.

Editorial Control/Advisors

HealthWorldNet will have complete editorial control over any and all decisions regarding our data base of information and any content developed by and/or for us. Contributing authors or sources will be clearly identified. The opinions or views expressed by writers for HealthWorldNet are those of the individual and do not represent the opinions, policy or views of the editor or the company HealthWorldNet.

HealthWorldNet is developing an advisory board of experienced and credible health care providers and experts to evaluate and edit any editorial content written for HealthWorldNet and to verify an author’s credentials.

Medical Information vs Medical Advice

At HealthWorldNet we provide you with medical and health information. We do not provide medical advice. Anyone needing medical advice or assistance should contact their physician or health care provider. If you think you have a medical emergency call 911 Immediately. We pride ourselves on our Investing section of the site, however we do not provide specific investment advice and anyone seeking to invest in any product, service or market should seek the advice of a professional financial advisor.


HealthWorldNet accepts advertising to the site for the purpose of revenue generation. Any advertising material published on our site that would appear to be editorial will be clearly market as “Advertising” or “Sponsored by”. (see Advertising Policy)

User Generated Content

HealthWorldNet has created several areas for users to provide information and share experiences in a public forum. See User Content Guidelines and Policy for details and explanation.

News/RSS Feeds

The vast number of sections on our site that feature news and breaking news differentiates HealthWorldNet from other sites. All news on the site is published via RSS feed from sources other than HealthWorldNet. (see News Sources)

We reserve the right to evaluate, change and update this policy at our discretion. If you have any questions regarding the editorial policy we can be contacted at [email protected].

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