The value proposition of AI grows with every passing day, and the prospect of realigning its trajectory fades. In today’s electrified and enterprising world, AI chatbots are already proliferating faster than any technology that came before - Oshan Jarow


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How Chatbots Will Shape the Future of Healthcare

If most of us are comfortable to ask Siri about the weather or give instructions to Alexa to dim the lights, would we have the same openness to talk to a medical chatbot? Where would you draw the limit for taking a bot’s advice and how comfortable would you be following healthcare instructions from an algorithm, even if the initial set-up was approved by general practitioners?

The chatbot industry is rapidly growing while promising to cost cuts, but since AI is still in its infancy, some fear that this approach is filled with risks and it is safer to let bots handle only non-vital tasks. Yet, for patients living in remote areas with limited access to healthcare facilities, these tech…

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 How Chatbots Will Shape the Future of Healthcare

Chatbots are expected to be a revolution in different verticals, including insurance, banking, and retail. No doubt, the medical sector can benefit from the same cost savings related to customer care, but extra attention should be given to the functionalities that are automated. A simple mistake in this area can be life-threatening.

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