AHPs do have a poor track record, both in terms of insolvency and also, unfortunately, of fraud - Sabrina Corlette


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Are Association Health Plans the Answer?

Association Health Plans are about more choice, more access, and more coverage - Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta.

That quote from Secretary Acosta is used as the opening on the United States Department of Labor website announcing the final rules for Association Health Plans released on June 19.

If choice, access, and coverage are what’s in question, then the answer is “yes…this will work.” However, Secretary Acosta doesn’t say that lower cost will be an outcome. This is an important omission, but it’s vital to remain truthful.

If you’re unsure of what Association Health Plans are, simply put, they allow individuals or groups to band together to purchase health…

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 Are Association Health Plans the Answer?

Here’s the bottom line: Associations cannot medically underwrite or discriminate against anyone because of health risk. They will not magically lower cost. However, while the official Harry Potter Fan Club might be able to create a great Association Health Plan…it could fall to the fate of Voldemort if too many older Muggles have joined the group.

Are Association Health Plans a Valentine for Small Employers?

If AHPs do take the form of group health plans, they will have to maintain compliance with requirements for nondiscrimination, benefits eligibility, and premiums. However, they wouldn't have to meet certain requirements under the Affordable Care Act, including rules for covering essential health benefits.

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