Employer Health Insurance

In a great historical irony, the evident faults of employer-sponsored insurance are helping fuel a new appetite for Medicare-for-all, a single-payer system where everybody gets health coverage from the government - Dylan Scott

Employer Health Insurance

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We need to rethink employer-provided health insurance

In the era of the gig economy, our outdated health insurance system is too inflexible to meet the needs of millions of Americans. In short, our health care system is broken...

Nearly one in four Americans receive health insurance through the individual market, not from their employer. For one reason or another, we stubbornly adhere to a system that categorizes health insurance as an employee benefit when over the span of an individual’s working career, he or she typically holds more than 12 jobs. This alone shows why it makes little sense that our most vital lifeline, health care insurance, is provided by our constantly changing employer.

It is incredible to witness how…

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