Managed Care

Health insurance is primarily 'managed' one way or another, no matter which country you live in - Marc Roberts

Managed Care

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For Managed Care, the Future Looks Rosy if...

Managed care can survive and may even thrive, experts say. But that will be in a world where public payers loom larger, provider prices are pushed down, the wellsprings of illness are addressed, and consumers aren’t quite so frustrated and angry.

M​edicare Advantage for all? If a four-word forecast of managed care’s future had to be distilled from a series of recent conversations with key health care leaders and observers, that might be the phrase.

The popular MA program, in which private payers manage federal health care dollars, is only for the 65-and-over set today. But it accounts for 34% of Medicare bene­ficiaries, a share…

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