#Compare Prices

How can we keep costs down if we can’t even get an estimate for care? If you’re buying a car, they don’t say, “with this one, you won’t know how much it costs until you check out - Bob McKitri

#Compare Prices

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How to Shop Around and Save on Health Care

Comparing prices for health-care services can be time-consuming and frustrating. But it’s easier than it used to be—if you know where to look.

Common tests and procedures like ultrasounds, MRIs and arthroscopic surgeries that can be scheduled in advance are the most “shoppable.” Start by asking your doctor if the service being ordered needs to be a specific kind and get the exact CPT code, which is used for billing purposes. Make sure you understand why the test or procedure is being ordered, which can affect the cost. A colonoscopy, for example, could cost an insured patient anywhere from zero to $10,000 out of pocket, depending on whether it’s considered “screening” or “diagnostic,”…

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