Hospital Price Transparency

Maybe at best this will reduce the wide variance of prices out there. But it won't be unleashing a consumer revolution - Zack Cooper, Yale University Institution for Social and Policy Studies

Hospital Price Transparency

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Hospitals Forced To Be More Transparent About Pricing. Will That Save You Money?

Hospitals are facing the new year with new requirements to post price information they have long sought to obscure: the actual prices they negotiate with insurers and the discounts they offer their cash-paying customers.

With the new hospital rule, consumers should be able to see the tremendous variation in prices for the exact same care among hospitals and get an estimate of what they will be charged for care — before they seek it.

The new data requirements go well beyond the previous rule of requiring hospitals to post their "chargemasters" — the hospital-generated list prices that bear little relation to what it costs a hospital to provide care.

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Last Updated : Sunday, July 3, 2022