Women Entrepreneurs

If you want to make a bet on personalized care, women are the smartest bet to make - Carolyn Witte, co-founder and CEO Tia

Women Entrepreneurs

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Healthcare Is Experiencing A Boom In Female Entrepreneurs And Leaders

While specific data is hard to find, anecdotal evidence seems to show more women are founding or leading efforts in the healthcare and life sciences industries. And even though women still lag men in the percentage of healthcare leadership roles, with only 13% serving as CEOs and 30% being part of C-suite teams, they tend to be better represented at the top versus in other sectors like financial services or technology...

If this trend continues, with more women assuming roles as entrepreneurs and leaders – and subsequently paving the way for more girls to follow in their footsteps – the key will then become sustaining momentum versus sparking it.

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Last Updated : Tuesday, May 10, 2022