Emergency Medicine

My hope for the specialty is that it will continue to flourish, that people will find a way to survive, will find a way to improve their own lives, the lives of the patients they care for, and will improve the quality of life for their society - Peter Rosen MD

Emergency Medicine

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Epidemic, War or Car Crash, the Dead Are Loved

There are tons of sites out there that cater to emergency physicians but to our knowledge, no one has tried to accomodate them all in one site. So we are going to give it a shot...

When I was in college and decided I wanted to go to medical school, I kept a picture of a medical transport helicopter on my desk. It represented the excitement I wanted to experience one day. When I was in medical school, I loved nothing better than watching in the chaos of the trauma bay, helping as the blood spurted to the ceiling from a gunshot wound, assisting the insertion of IVs and chest tubes.

Later, in my emergency medicine residency, it was more of the same. I rode in that helicopter!…

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 Epidemic, War or Car Crash, the Dead Are Loved

Wars and diseases, intrigues and coups and all the rest are indeed interesting things. But more important, and more terrible, is the fact that grieving humanity suffers at the center of it all. Maybe that knowledge can make us love everyone better.

8 emergency medicine physicians and leaders on what's misunderstood about the specialty today

Becker's Hospital Review asked emergency physicians and other leaders in the field to comment on the greatest issues facing emergency medicine today and what they feel is misunderstood about the specialty.

8 Things ER Doctors Refuse to Have in Their Homes

Emergency...physicians see all kinds of grisly stuff, which made us wonder: What products do they consider so hazardous they ban them from their homes and yards? Here are the everyday items that scare these accident front-liners the most.

The 10 Types of ER Patients

If you fall into one of these categories, here’s how to improve your care.

50 Drugs to Know

Please note that this is not meant to represent every drug an EP should know. This is simply a quick guide to many of the common and life saving drugs that we use every day. It does not include antibiotics and it does not include many important pediatric drugs. Use this with care and remember that every patient does not weigh 70kg.

The Skeptics' Guide to EM

The SGEM faculty and guest skeptics try to cut the KT gap from over ten years down to less than one year. It does this by using social media to provide you with critical appraisals of the recent literature. The ultimate goal of the SGEM is for patients to get the best care, based on the best evidence.


FOAMed stands for Free Open Access Medical Education. Medical education for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine

ALiEM is your digital connection to the cooperative world of EM. We strive to reshape medical education and academia in their evolution beyond the traditional classroom.


Adventure Medic began in a 2012 as a downloadable magazine for healthcare professionals interested in adventure, expedition and wilderness medicine. We are now proud to say that we have readers and contributors from all over the globe. From taking a year out in Australia to overwintering in Antarctica: we wanted to encourage others to pursue interesting, charitable or unusual paths through medicine. We wanted to inspire you with tales of adventure, features and educational articles and lift your spirits with stunning photography and breathtaking video. Since we began, we have become even more dedicated to this ideal, particularly as medical training in the UK has become more and more rigid and uncompromising.


CanadiEM aims to improve emergency care in Canada by building an online community of practice for healthcare practitioners and providing them with high quality, freely available educational resources.

Core EM

Multi-platform core content Emergency Medicine - The official blog and podcast of the NYU/Bellevue Emergency Medicine Residency.


A podcast for those who have to satisfy their ADHD studying needs, the CRACK in CRACKCast is for Core Rosen’s and Clinical Knowledge. This is a podcast that truly gets down to the basics by covering each and every chapter of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine – in order.

Crashing Patient

Welcome to Crashing Patient; the foremost webtext on emergency medicine, critical care, and most importantly their intersection.

EM Cases

Bringing you Canada's brightest minds in Emergency Medicine.

EM in 5

EM in 5 is a series of 5 minute video lectures for all residents, medical students and learners in Emergency Medicine to access in the spirit of #FOAMed! Originally created as a live conference series for the University of Chicago EM Residency, we now bring you a new online 5 minute video each week with the hope to keep our hyperactive EM minds attentive while driving home some key points!


Radiology in emergency medicine.


Emergency Medicine Reviews and Perspectives is a monthly audio series for Emergency Medical practitioners. Born in September 2001, it now is heard by over 20,000 subscribers every month and is the #1 audio program in emergency medicine. EM:RAP features a world-class faculty from around the globe, presenting a range of EM topics in a tightly edited audio format.

EMCrit Project

EMCrit is devoted to bring the best evidence-based care from the fields of critical care, resuscitation, and trauma and translate it for bedside use in the Emergency Department (ED). Every two weeks we post a full ~20-minute podcast. In between, the site gets filled with blogposts, links, and EMCrit Wees (minature podcasts). CME is available for EMCrit Podcasts.


We are a group of seven emergency physicians who want to provide a truly current resource for the rapidly developing field of emergency medicine. We subscribe to the free, open-access medical education initiative, and our goal is to inform the global EM community with timely and high yield content about what providers like YOU are seeing and doing everyday in your local ED.


Free open access medical education.


We are FemInEM – an open access resource where we discuss, discover, and affect the journey of women working in emergency medicine. Through deliberate conversation and engaging dialogue, members explore a variety of issues that support the development and advancement of all women in medicine. FemInEM aims to address gender disparities in a positive way, empowering physicians of both genders.


Welcome to First10EM, a FOAMed project where I plan to contemplate the necessary actions of the first 10 minutes in the resuscitation room for patients that I might encounter in the future. This is a site about resuscitation. It is about what to do when the sickest patients are wheeled through your door and it is about how to prepare yourself before you ever see those patients.


We believe in the educational merits of Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM), which includes podcasts, blogs, articles on PubMed Central, conferences streamed for free and more. As a result, we would like to encourage others to move beyond quoting podcasts and into the realm of tying “cutting edge” FOAM to the core content. On this podcast we’ll review FOAM and tie it to core content, providing some review and references for listeners to read on their own, as well as board review questions donated by Adam Rosh of the Rosh Review.


GruntDoc as, when I was getting my first email address I was a doctor for the USMC infantry, who are somewhat affectionately known as grunts. Although I'm no longer on active duty, it still fits, because now I'm an Emergency Medicine doc who just works shifts. I'm a grunt in the Doctor world.

Larry Mellick

This channel is dedicated to teaching emergency medicine procedures and displaying unique and interesting medical conditions. This channel is only possible because my patients give permission for their stories to be told so that others might learn. I value this trust and will never take it for granted. And, even though I just recently began to monetize this channel, my vow to my patients and subscribers is that 100% of any money earned from these YouTube videos will be used to help the poor.

Life In The FastLane

LITFL is a medical blog and website dedicated to providing online emergency medicine and critical care insights and education for everyone, everywhere.

Ottawa Handbook of Emergency Medicine

This handbook is a student-driven initiative developed in order to help you succeed on your emergency medicine rotation. It provides concise approaches to key patient presentations you will encounter in the emergency department.

Pediatric EM Morsels

The goal of these Pediatric EM Morsels is to continue to encourage us all to enhance and refine our understanding of pediatric emergency medicine and to augment the care of pediatric patients. The care of pediatric patients often brings up a myriad of diverse topics ranging from the common to the very unusual.

Pediatric Emergency Playbook

My name is Tim Horeczko, and it is my mission to demystify the emergency care of infants and children for my brothers and sisters in the trenches. You have it within you to take excellent care of acutely ill and injured children. I’m here to share tricks, tips, and lessons learned.


PedsCases was developed to fill this gap and consists of interactive cases, podcasts, videos and links to supplement undergraduate learning. PedsCases allows students to experience core virtual cases not seen in their clerkship experience. The goal is that PedsCases will deliberately generate content in a variety of formats including virtual patients, to ensure core pediatric knowledge is translated to undergraduate learners in a comprehensive manner.


To teach medical professionals about Pediatric Emergency Medicine.


I hope this blog will create a space to foster critical thinking, free exchange of ideas, and constructive criticism as we collectively stumble through the challenge of caring for critically ill patients with limited information in a rapidly evolving world. The blog is also a nice way to provide asynchronous eduction for trainees and nurses - if we don't have enough time for discussion on rounds, the blog may explain the rationale behind the way I do things.


What does REBEL EM stand for? Rezaie’s Evidence Based Evaluation of Literature in Emergency Medicine R.E.B.E.L. EM will cover a myriad of topics, primarily focusing on evidence-based clinical topics, ECG cases, and high-yield exam review.


Resuscitation medicine education.


A blog on anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine. In-hospital and outside. Mostly focusing on the critically ill patient. Written by two Scandinavian senior anaesthetic registrars turned consultants.


St.Emlyns is a collection of people and projects aimed at improving Emergency Medicine through free and open access education.


A peek behind the curtain.

Taming the SRU

Training in, and managing, the SRU is one of the crown jewels of our residency. It is where the sickest of the sick patients are found in our ED. It is a crucible, a test of knowledge and strength, and a true manifestation of the tripartite mission of our department: Leadership, Excellence, and Opportunity.

The Bottom Line

Welcome to The Bottom Line (TBL). This site has been built to create a compendium of all the landmark papers which are shaping the way we manage our critically ill patients. Each paper has been summarised and critiqued using a standard template and ends with a ‘bottom line’ conclusion to allow a quick reminder of the key points. All papers are reviewed and cross checked by the editorial group.

The Gurney Room

started life in a hospital basement as a mail center. When the mail center left, it was repurposed for equipment storage. Over the years, it housed countless gurneys awaiting cleaning in order to serve the next patient. Also in that hospital basement, and another gurney room of sorts, is our emergency department. All of its gurneys are also cleaned and prepared in the gurney room. We began using the space to teach and learn to better care for our patients, and this website and our instagram feed are the product. The Gurney Room is now our part-time laboratory for just-in-time training and deliberate practice.

The Resus Room

At its heart TheResusRoom is a podcast based site which can either be accessed by the webpage or via iTunes here. At least twice a month we will bring you podcasts on a variety of Emergency Medicine topics that you’ll use every day in and around the resus room, centered around evidenced based medicine and with reference to national and international guidelines. In addition we are now moving towards multidisciplinary authors and topics with our blog.

The Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine

The Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine (SGEM) is a knowledge translation (KT) project. The goal of the SGEM is to shorten the KT window from over ten years down to less than one year. It does this by turning traditional medical education on its head.


We are a group of physicians that have developed a framework and rating system to evaluate therapies based on their patient-important benefits and harms as well as a system to evaluate diagnostics by patient sign, symptom, lab test or study. We only use the highest quality, evidence-based studies (frequently, but not always Cochrane Reviews), and we accept no outside funding or advertisements.


WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki, is a point of care reference available on the web or via our dedicated mobile applications. If you are a medical practitioner, join our contributor community and help edit our content.

Access Emergency Medicine

AccessEmergency Medicine is an innovative online service that allows users to quickly search for diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of illnesses and injuries plus technique-oriented videos for teaching, learning, and board review


Christine Miserandino recently asked me some questions about Grand Rounds, and my thoughts on use of the emergency department, and the web, by the chronically ill.

Critical Care Perspectives in Emergency Medicine

The Critical Care Guys discuss the management of critical care emergencies.


Have you ever been at a footy or rugby match, or on a skifield and seen someone with a dislocated shoulder? Ever wondered whether it is worth trying to relocate the shoulder “in-the-field”, before xrays, analgesia or transfer to a hospital? Have you thought it might be better for the patient if they got their shoulder in sooner rather than later?

EB Medicine

At EB Medicine, we prides ourselves on our unparalleled quality and convenience. EB Medicine covers medicine the way you actually practice it -- real patients, real challenges, and real solutions.


A free electrocardiography (ECG) tutorial and textbook to which anyone can contribute, designed for medical professionals such as cardiac care nurses and physicians.

ED Leadership Monthly

The broad experience of the hosts of ED Leadership Monthly, coupled with interviews with other industry experts, will provide you with solutions that have been successfully implemented in Emergency Departments throughout the country.

EM Journal Club

Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Journal Club (emjc) website. Each month we will post critically appraised topics (CATS) or articles in subject areas appropriate to emergency medicine. As we are new to the web, we appreciate any comments or suggestions that our readers may have (mail). In the meantime, will try to evolve as a website that offers topical reviews of clinically relevant questions as well as a host of other interesting stuff for Emergency Medicine enthusiasts.


Dr. Amal Mattu is one of the premier speakers in Emergency Medicine, and has developed quite a loyal following because of the entertaining way he is able to present important clinical topics. Each month, EMedHome.com will present a 90-minute podcast hosted by Dr. Mattu


EMedHome.com's mission is to provide a user-friendly clinical resource that is designed to be the premier educational website for Emergency Physicians.


EMedProfessional.com was developed as a comprehensive resources for emergency medical professionals, first responders, and anyone concerned with disaster prevention and preparedness

Emergency Medicine Clinics

Each issue of Emergency Medicine Clinics updates you on the latest trends in patient management; keeps you up to date on the newest advances; and provides a sound basis for choosing treatment options. Each issue focuses on a single topic in emergency medicine and is presented under the direction of an experienced guest editor.

Emergency Medicine News

The newsmagazine for the emergency professional.

Emergency Medicine Reports

Focus on emergency care of adult and pediatric patients with moderate and severe traumatic injuries. Each issue gives you a practical, problem-solving, comprehensive review of a common clinical entity, packed with updated techniques you can apply immediately.

Emergency Physicians Monthly

Emergency Physicians Monthly began as a simple Atlantic states newsletter and soon became a national voice in emergency medicine, known for its independent tone and intimate understanding of the real men and women who make up the specialty.

EMRA Reference Guides

Free E-Reference Card Downloads.


Stuff You Need, In Your Pocket.

Evidence Based Emergency Medicine

The EBEM working group is a group of largely academic Emergency Physicians who are committed to developing resources for and teaching of Evidence Based Medicine within our specialty.

Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound

To you, the medical professional who may be accessing this site, we appreciate your commitment to outstanding emergency care using ultrasound technology to diagnose, manage, monitor and treat your patients in a safe, accurate, rapid, and non-invasive manner. May this site help you provide the best care possible in whatever setting you practice.

MDedge Emergency Medicine

Keeping you informed. Saving you time.


Emergency Medicine Information Center from MedPage Today is the only service for physicians that provides a clinical perspective on the breaking medical news that their patients are reading.

Movin' Meat

The accidental blog of a semi-accidental ER doc living in the Pacific Northwest.

NEJM Journal Watch

NEJM Journal Watch equips today's caregivers with the information and perspective needed to be clinically prepared and practice with confidence. NEJM Journal Watch is used by practicing clinicians - physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, residents, students, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals - to stay informed and current in their fields.

Paediatric Emergency Medicine

I struggled to find PEM resources for my CT3 year, despite the variety of excellent resources out there. I hope this website will help point you in the right direction. I'm not a PEM expert, but am following the guidance CEM have issued (in the form of a syllabus) to put together this page.


My mission is to provide you unbiased & valuable critical care pharmacy content.

Radiology Cases in Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Awarded the 1996 Professional Medical Education Award by the American Academy of Pediatrics. View these cases and radiographs online here or download this free software to run on your PC.

Risk Management Monthly Emergency Medicine

The monthly audio series designed specifically to limit the risk of emergency physician litigation.


Tarascon is committed to providing health care providers the best available portable medical references. Our acclaimed series of pocket guides succinctly distills and organizes hard-to-remember yet vitally important clinical information. Written by experts in their fields, readers repeatedly tell us they are "must-have" books.

The Center For Medical Education

Founded in 1977, the organization has been providing its subscribers and course participants with a variety of state-of-the-art continuing medical education resources.

The Gist of Emergency Medicine

The management of real or simulated patient encounters.


Because you want to find a better way to help your patients


Cochrane Reviews are systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and health policy, and are internationally recognised as the highest standard in evidence-based health care. They investigate the effects of interventions for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. They also assess the accuracy of a diagnostic test for a given condition in a specific patient group and setting. They are published online in The Cochrane Library.


This is a site for medical professionals to help us do calculations and process algorithms and scores. To make patients better. Faster. You can access the full list through the navigation bars, or, preferably, through the search menu.


Medgadget is an independent journal of the latest medical gadgets, technologies and discoveries. Our website is written, edited and published by a group of MDs and biomed engineers.

Medical Corps

This site is designed to provide physicians, nurses, corpsmen, medics paramedics, mothers, fathers, farmers, sailors and anyone who cares to study, expert guidance on safe and effective medical care in the extreme settings which are at hand.


Emergency Medicine Articles.


First choice of emergency physicians for point-of-care reference. 40 board-certified emergency physicians originally created PEPID ED and now the number of contributors is in the hundreds!


PulsePoint is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to make it much easier for citizens who are trained in CPR to use their life saving skills to do just that…save lives! Through the use of modern, location-aware mobile devices PulsePoint is building applications that work with local public safety agencies to improve communications with citizens and empower them to help reduce the millions of annual deaths from sudden cardiac arrest.


The best-selling pocket reference in emergency medicine! Condenses the essential clinical content from the premier text Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide. Charts, tables, and outlines summarize key information for diagnosis and treatment of all conditions encountered in the Emergency Department.

The EMBER Project

The EMBER Project (Emergency Medicine Bundles & Education Research) Dedicated to lifelong learning and innovation in EM education.

The Survival Doctor

There are great blogs for surviving long-term disasters or social upheavals, fantastic spots for lists of medical supplies to keep. There plenty of sites about medical and alternative care, explaining diseases and treatments. My website MyFamilyDoctorMag.com is one. But rare is the blog with information on what to do if you have a medical emergency and can’t get help. This site hopes to do this. It’s combination of science, improvisational medicine, and Grandma’s home remedies.

Trauma Information Pages

The purpose of this award winning site is to provide information for clinicians and researchers in the traumatic-stress field. Specifically, my interests here include both clinical and research aspects of trauma responses and their resolution.


UpToDate® is the premier evidence-based clinical decision support resource authored by physicians to help healthcare practitioners make the best decisions at the point of care. By combining the latest clinical knowledge with cutting-edge technology, UpToDate changes the way clinicians practice medicine and has become an indispensable part of clinical workflows in institutions and practices worldwide.

Wheeless' Textbook on Orthopaedics

Orthopaedic References and Discussions for Physicians.

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