Emergency Medicine

My hope for the specialty is that it will continue to flourish, that people will find a way to survive, will find a way to improve their own lives, the lives of the patients they care for, and will improve the quality of life for their society - Peter Rosen MD

Emergency Medicine

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Epidemic, War or Car Crash, the Dead Are Loved

There are tons of sites out there that cater to emergency physicians but to our knowledge, no one has tried to accomodate them all in one site. So we are going to give it a shot...

When I was in college and decided I wanted to go to medical school, I kept a picture of a medical transport helicopter on my desk. It represented the excitement I wanted to experience one day. When I was in medical school, I loved nothing better than watching in the chaos of the trauma bay, helping as the blood spurted to the ceiling from a gunshot wound, assisting the insertion of IVs and chest tubes.

Later, in my emergency medicine residency, it was more of the same. I rode in that helicopter!…

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