#Emergencies in the ER

When I come on to my shift, I don’t have any clue what I’m going to see - Kathleen Clem MD

#Emergencies in the ER

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EM Mindset: Andrew Sloas – Emergentologist

What makes the practice of emergency medicine special? Why are we so different from the myriad of other providers that it is imperative we have our own subspecialty? It’s not like we have an –OLOGIST at the end of our name; those seven all-important letters designating to all they encounter that this doctor has a depth of knowledge about their specialty that exceeds all others. How would the -ologist define our specialty? I suppose it would start with what we do best; we are the masters of the differential diagnosis. To be a successful emergentologist, one must possess a depth of knowledge about physiology, critical care, and procedures that exceeds all other subspecialties. We must have it…

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