Opioid Toxidrome

Small pupils suggest opioid intoxication, but normal pupil size doesn't exclude it - Josh Farkas

Opioid Toxidrome

image by: International Overdose Awareness Day

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Emergency Management of Opioid Misuse, Overdose and Withdrawal

Unless you’ve been living in a hut on an island in the South Pacific, you are certainly aware of the opioid epidemic. Its roots are deep. Its social, medical, and economic considerations are varied and complex. To even the most seasoned EM physician, opioid-addicted, opioid-overdosed, and opioid-withdrawing patients can be a challenge...

we’ll unpack the dizzying world of opioids, and help you set in motion the movement that will lead the way to tackle one of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century. And the beauty of it is that individual treatments don’t have to be complicated. You might be surprised to find that just taking the first step in being part of the solution…

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