Cardiogenic Shock

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Cardiogenic Shock

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Cardiogenic Shock Simplified

The overall goal in the management of the heart failure patient in cardiogenic shock is to stabilize them by maintaining oxygenation with NIPPV, maintaining sufficient cardiac perfusion with vasopressors, improving cardiac contractility with ionotropes and optimizing volume status so that they can be safely transported to the cath lab or operating room...

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  Cardiogenic Shock Simplified

What are the best strategies to efficiently get the patient in cardiogenic shock to definitive care, whether that be the cath lab or the operating room?

Cardiogenic Shock and Circulatory Support Devices SDL

Summary of current devices.

Cardiogenic Shock therapy with Impella

Despite the pressing clinical need for improved outcomes in cardiogenic shock, the improvements in systems of care in STEMI with primary PCI (e.g., national door to balloon time initiatives) have not made an impact on systems of care for shock complicating AMI, in general.

Cardiogenic shock/VA ECMO/ECPR

What works/what doesn’t.

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

The most common cause of cardiogenic shock is a heart attack. Other health problems that may lead to cardiogenic shock include heart conditions such as heart failure; chest injuries; medicine side effects; and conditions that prevent blood from flowing freely through your heart, such as a blood clot in the lungs.


Cardiogenic shock is a clinical entity characterized by a low cardiac output state of circulatory failure that results in end-organ hypoperfusion and tissue hypoxia. The most common cause of cardiogenic shock is acute myocardial infarction, though other disorders leading to impairment of the myocardium, valves, conduction system, or pericardium also can result in cardiogenic shock.

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