Rule of thumb: Max HR = 220 – age; if it’s faster than that, it’s likely a dysrhythmia - Amal Mattu


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Amal Mattu – Tachydysrhythmias in the ICU You GOTTA Know!

In order to interpret tachydysrhythmias, you need to ask only THREE questions:

  • Is the QRS narrow or wide
  • Is the QRS regular or irregular
  • Are there P waves (what’s the atrium doing)?

Notice that each of these possibilities only end in 3 possible diagnoses!

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 Amal Mattu – Tachydysrhythmias in the ICU You GOTTA Know!

Dr. Amal Mattu is a master of many things, one of them being the EKG. We were fortunate enough to have him teach about something that are seen all the time, regardless of where you work (ED, ICU, outpatient office). The lecture was jam packed with pearls as usual.

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