Pediatric Resuscitation

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Pediatric Resuscitation
Pediatric Resuscitation

image by: Buffalo General Medical Center

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Resuscitation of the crashing infant (pediatric resuscitation)

As I walk into a pediatric resuscitation, I always rapidly consider the pediatric assessment triangle.

This assessment, completed in seconds, examines 3 essential aspects of the child’s presentation from the foot of the bed: appearance, work of breathing, and circulation to the skin.


  • What is the tone? A newborn is normally slightly flexed, a 6 month old can sit and control their head, the toddler can cruise
  • Are they normally interactive? A 2 month old should have a social smile, a toddler is interested in who enters the room
  • What are the vocalizations?

Work of breathing

  • Carefully…

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 Resuscitation of the crashing infant (pediatric resuscitation)

Take out the Broselow tape and pediatric resuscitation cart. Hopefully this is out before the child arrives. For the first 10 minutes, all of my drug doses and equipment sizes are entirely based off the Broselow length. The Broselow tape may not be perfectly accurate, and I will get an accurate weight when there is time, but the Broselow is good enough to get things started.


Rosen’s advocates for the “encircling” hands technique in infant CPR, which according to animal models gives better hemodynamics than using the standard two finger technique.

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