Sickly people infect everyone with pity. It undermines the mutual respect people should have for one another - Bauvard, The Prince Of Plungers


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To Be Rare Or to Be Neglected: For a Disease, That Is the Question

Could holding annual Rare Disease Day on the 29th of February possibly be a wry statement on just how rare these diseases are? Other diseases might decadently have their annual day every year, but rare diseases are so very rare that even their annual day is occasional? The idea appealed to me -- I rather hoped it was so. Their website, which is disappointingly lacking in this sort of detail, fails to specify, but it does state that this is the fifth Rare Disease Day since 2008, so I have a hunch that leap year wit is, alas, not part of their campaign. Alas.

According to the Rare Disease Day website information, from a U.S. perspective, a rare disease is one that affects less than 200,000…

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