Pain is a highly subjective symptom. There is no pain-o-meter or instrument to objectively measure pain - Dr. David Bearman


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An Appeal for a Universal Opioid Metric

Primum non nocere—first, do no harm—is an aphorism attributed to the physicians’ Hippocratic oath. Arguably we as physicians have been harming our patients through our liberal use of opioids to treat non-cancerous pain. The practice of utilizing opioids as a mainstay of chronic pain therapy has many untoward downstream societal effects, which have been well described. As physicians, we have a responsibility to our patients and society to help solve our opioid problem. The Morphine Milligram Equivalents (MME)/day conversion metric is a validated opioid metric utilized in research. The widespread adoption of such a metric in clinical care will help frontline clinicians provide better care and…

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