Gastric Sleeve

It alone will not stem the obesity epidemic. It is not for everyone. It is not magic or a quick-fix. It doesn't replace a healthy diet and physical activity - Bruce Y. Lee

Gastric Sleeve

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The Emotional Journey To Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It may be the stomach that is cut away during gastric sleeve surgery, but the real change happens in the mind.

In this irreversible obesity surgery, 85 percent of the stomach is removed to make a narrow tube about the size of a small banana which holds about half a cup of food. It makes people feel fuller longer and reduces hunger-inducing hormones.

For Alison Minassian, 65, who had the surgery almost two years ago and lost 48kg, it was the first step to overcoming a lifelong battle with herself.

"My greatest demon was my brain, it wasn't my stomach -- the fact that it was too big," Minassian said.

"But my greatest enemy is also my greatest comfort because…

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