Burn Surgeons

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Burn Surgeons

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Caring for your own wounds: Lessons from the burn unit

“Someone call for a body bag.”

These were words that I didn’t expect to hear on my final day of burn surgery at large metropolitan hospital. We had just planned on a routine burn excision and skin grafting. Our patient, Faith, was a seven-year-old girl with third-degree burns to 85 percent of her body from a house fire. We had been caring for her in the ICU for the past three weeks. She was doing well, with extubation planned in a few days. Her ten-year-old brother had also been in the house fire, with third-degree burns to 65 percent of his body. He, too, was still on the ventilator and sedated. Their father, who had run into the house to rescue them, was also hospitalized.


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