Give out that cellphone number. Accessibility is still king, and it can’t get any easier for the busy cardiologist or oncologist than to have your phone number - Jacob A Klapper MD


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Promoting yourself and building your practice

Training in cardiothoracic surgery is long and arduous. Through it all, one’s chief concerns are generally limited to becoming a proficient physician and surgeon while attending to the basic necessities of life (i.e., sleep and the occasional meal). Then, mercifully, it ends, and you take that first job, typically move to a new city, and, if you’re lucky, get right to work with a full clinic and caseload. On the other hand, as is common for many, you now have an ample amount of time and very few patients or cases. At this point you have two options: Sit and wait, or get out there and do what comes least naturally to most of us; promote yourself.

Full disclosure, I’ve done a lot of…

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