Colorectal Surgeons

With all due respect to my surgeon, in a perfect world he would be out of a job - Russ Ramsey, Struck: One Christian's Reflections on Encountering Death

Colorectal Surgeons

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What made you want to be a colorectal surgeon?

“What made you want to be a colorectal surgeon?” I get that question at least 4 times a day.

Usually, when people find out what I do, the polite ones will respond in a little bit of shock, but they will say “Ohhh, thats nice…”. The ones that are less inhibited will still have the same shock, but will ask, sometimes giggling, “Eww, why did you go into THAT?!”

I can certainly understand the sentiment behind the question.  There certainly isn’t much of a “sexiness quotient” to the field.  There can be endless jokes and puns made at our expenses.  There is no Nip-Tuck, Grey’s Anatomy, or Dr. 90210 about the colorectal surgeon.  Yes, our typical day is looking up close at many many…

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