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It is my personal philosophy regarding plastic surgery that you are much better off underdoing rather than overdoing something - Michael Kane - The Botox Book

Cosmetic Surgeons

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All I Ask of You: Consider Lessons Gleaned from the Phantom of the Opera

Last week PBS aired the 25th Anniversary performance of The Phantom of the Opera in London. I've watched it about 25 times since then. I cry every time.

The story reminds me that every culture has hidden their "freaks of nature" away, feared them, accused them, exiled them and cast them into dungeons, belfries and any other cold and drafty place they could find. The fear of ugliness is as old as society, and it's caused untold psychic harm to people whose only crime was being born with faulty DNA. The love of beauty is equally as old. In fact, it may be even older. It goes all the way back to our primate ancestors. Do you know what chimpanzees in the wild spend 90% of their time…

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