Pediatric Surgeons

You wouldn’t hand the keys of your car to a total stranger, yet these parents hand over their child to you, the total stranger. You have been given a great trust - Anonymous

Pediatric Surgeons

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Dreams and Reality: Finding a Balance between Lifestyle and Career Choice in Medicine

Does this bring back memories? 

“Women shouldn’t be surgeons; it is impossible to find a balance between being a mother and a great surgeon.”

These were the words I constantly ran into as I started to consider a surgical specialty for my future career. At first, I paid heed to these words and decided to become a pediatric cardiologist. However, before long I realized I just could not be a clinician for life. The idea of treating patients with medications but never really correcting their underlying conditions started to push me towards surgery, especially because I wanted to focus my work on helping children. I realized I could never truly treat a child with only medication.


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