Head Trauma Risk Stratification

There is strong evidence that physicians should not order CT head scans for patients with minor head injury unless validated clinical decision rules suggest otherwise (i.e., Canadian CT head rule for adults, and CATCH or PECARN rules for children). Despite their validity, these rules are never 100% sensitive and are meant to assist and not replace, clinical judgement - Choosing Wisely Canada

Head Trauma Risk Stratification
Head Trauma Risk Stratification

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The ED Guide to Neuroimaging: Part 2

Using a well validated decision instrument, such as the Canadian CT Head Rule in adults or the PECARN rule in children, reduces the frequency of unnecessary imaging and decreases length of stay while increasing the diagnostic yield (frequency of positive tests) amongst those patients that are imaged. With this in mind, integration of these rules into clinical practice is a key component of appropriate resource utilization, and is recommended by multiple clinical practice guidelines. However, the use of decision instruments cannot completely replace clinical gestalt, defined as the impression of the patient derived from the clinical evaluation.

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 The ED Guide to Neuroimaging: Part 2

Part two of this series examines the literature regarding the appropriate use of the head CT in blunt head trauma, a common clinical grey zone in emergency medicine. The Canadian Head CT Rule (Canadian), New Orleans Criteria (New Orleans), NEXUS II Head CT Rule (NEXUS), and PECARN Pediatric Head Injury Algorithm (PECARN) are four major decision rules designed to assist clinicians with this often difficult decision.

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