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I’m not feeling very well, I need a doctor immediately. Ring the nearest golf course – Groucho Marx

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You Can Find Dr. Right, With Some Effort

When Molly McGowan needed a pediatric urologist for her daughter, she found one the old-fashioned way: she asked around. Her sister, a nurse, didn’t know of anyone in Binghamton, N.Y., their hometown, but a friend who lived next door to a urologist passed along the name of a specialist in Rochester. It was a three-hour drive each way, but it was worth it. “He was at the top of his field, but he didn’t act like it,” Ms. McGowan said. “He never seemed rushed, and he explained everything without talking down to us.”

Most people wouldn’t buy a new car without checking consumer ratings, but they still rely largely on word of mouth to select a physician. Yet with more patients…

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 You Can Find Dr. Right, With Some Effort

“Do your research,” said Dr. Samantha Collier, the chief medical officer for HealthGrades. “Don’t assume all physicians are equally skilled. More importantly, they need to be a good match for you. I hear so many patients tell me they really don’t like their doctor or trust their doctor but they keep going back. That is ridiculous.


Founded in 2007 with a mission of improving access to healthcare, ZocDoc is a free service that allows patients to find a nearby doctor or dentist who accepts their insurance, see their real-time availability, and instantly book an appointment via or ZocDoc’s free apps for iPhone or Android.

Best Doctors

Best Doctors provides access to the best medical minds in the world. You can be sure you’re getting the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right care.

Board Certified Docs

Finding physicians who are board certified.


The AIM DocFinder was the only online physician directory of its kind when it was launched in 1996. The DocFinder is still recognized for its easy to use search engine. DocFinder remains the only combined database of all licensing jurisdictions that has its direct source of data from and controlled by state licensing boards and remains free of charge to the public.


Welcome to DocShop, a one-of-a-kind online resource brought to you by Einstein Industries. DocShop can help you take the first step along that path by connecting you with the most trusted and experienced healthcare professionals in your area. Through DocShop, you will have access to our exclusive network of distinguished surgeons, doctors, dentists, and medical specialists who can help you look and feel your absolute best.


MediBid is an online marketplace which is about quality, choice, and value. Many insurance companies show you no more than whether your doctor is “in-network” or not. MediBid allows you to see the training, education and experience of the doctor before you make your selection.


WorldClinic services include a 24/7 personal doctor, comprehensive health planning, medical provisioning for travel and home, disaster medical planning, a 24/7 electronic medical record archive and physician-to-physician second opinion referrals for any serious or complex illness.

The FertilityProRegistry Network is a national network of certified reproductive endocrinologists that provides information for people who seek infertility specialists. From general information about infertility procedures, to finding a well-trained physician who can treat them, Fertility Pro Registry helps thousands of patients every month.

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