House Calls

Patients in their own environment are far more relaxed and forthcoming with meaningful information. You get a lot closer to the reality of the situation, and you spend the time - Alan Kronhaus

House Calls

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Reviving House Calls by Doctors

Surah Grumet used to be a family doctor at a clinic in the Bronx. “It always felt like I was trying to catch up,” she said. “I was always falling behind, and it was so stressful. And it was really hard to bring up my two girls, to be there for them, and still be able to practice medicine the way that I wanted to.”

Now, she lives in a suburb of Raleigh, N.C. She still practices medicine, but has no office or clinic. Instead, she works with a Durham-based practice called Doctors Making House Calls.

Grumet puts her girls on the school bus and gets in the car just before nine. Her patients are frail elderly people with multiple chronic illnesses: memory loss, heart…

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