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Practice Management
Practice Management

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Why Are Doctors’ Offices So Badly Run?

A few years ago, Katherine White was feeling burned out. The Massachusetts dermatologist runs a private practice at which she oversees a nurse, two medical assistants, two receptionists, and an esthetician. Dr. White’s practice sees about 40 patients per day, which means that she’s on a tight schedule that often has her rushing from one patient to the next.

But her staff used to bother her constantly with questions—about billing, about lab reports, about pharmacy refills—and White always felt compelled to stop and fix the problem. “I was sort of micromanaging everything,” she says. “I was so busy that I couldn’t really fulfill all those roles and had kind of buttoned into a role—which…

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 Why Are Doctors’ Offices So Badly Run?

Seven years of medical school doesn’t prepare you to run a business.

Top 6 practice management challenges facing physicians...

If you feel like you’re glued to your computer or tablet for much of the day, it’s not your imagination. Many physicians say mounting paperwork is keeping them from spending enough time with patients.


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