Primary Care

We’re talking about building care models on connected devices and using artificial intelligence, with a PCP at the center of it - Tom Beauregard

Primary Care

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We were inspired to become primary care physicians. Now we’re reconsidering a field in crisis

Nearly three years ago, we began training as primary care doctors in two residency programs at a Harvard-affiliated teaching hospital. We understood the value of longitudinal patient-doctor relationships and wagered that primary care would be the bedrock of this nation’s health care system.

That was even after hearing the warnings: predictions of a national shortage of more than 44,000 primary care physicians (PCPs) by 2035, rampant physician burnout, and a workforce saddled with two hours of required documentation for every hour of patient care.

Nevertheless, we felt inspired to join the front lines of health care.

Yet when we finish our residencies on June 28,…

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