History of Health & Medicine

First of all the doctor should look at the patient’s face. If he looks his usual self this is a good sign - Hippocrates 430BC

History of Health & Medicine

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President’s Page: Medical history: a valuable tool to help us frame the present and predict the future

Many prominent physicians have promoted medical history as a tool to better understand diseases and to help frame the present and speculate on the future. William Osler, the English-speaking world’s leading physician a century ago, put it this way: “By the historical method alone can many problems in medicine be approached profitably.”

Paul Dudley White, America’s first academic cardiologist, also thought medical history was important. By looking back, he wrote in 1950, “we acquire a better perspective of our own place in history with the humbling realization of our role as merely a link in the long chain of the acquisition and application of medical knowledge.”

Two hundred…

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