The Tuskegee Study

Research has long suggested that the ill effects of the Tuskegee study extend beyond those men and their families to the greater whole of black culture - Vann R. Newkirk II

The Tuskegee Study

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How an Associated Press reporter broke the Tuskegee syphilis story

Jean Heller was toiling away on the floor of the Miami Beach Convention Center when an Associated Press colleague from the opposite end of the country walked into her workspace behind the event stage and handed her a thin manila envelope.

“I’m not an investigative reporter,” Edith Lederer told the 29-year-old Heller as competitors typed away beyond the thick gray hangings separating news outlets covering the 1972 Democratic National Convention. “But I think there might be something here.”

Inside were documents telling a tale that, even today, staggers the imagination: For four decades, the U.S. government had denied hundreds of poor Black men treatment for syphilis so researchers…

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