Clinical Nurse Specialists

I attribute my success to this; I never gave nor took any excuse - Florence Nightingale

Clinical Nurse Specialists
Clinical Nurse Specialists

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Nurses Are Caretakers, Not Scientists, Right? Wrong

I am a woman’s health and adult nurse practitioner with over 10 years of experience. I also am a scientist who studies why some younger women are at greater risk of developing breast cancer, including more aggressive forms of the disease.

Many people are unfamiliar with the idea of nurses as researchers. Our common image of nurses is of the caretaker at the bedside. But nurse research can be traced at least as far back as Florence Nightingale, the mother of nursing, who measured illness and infection rates among wounded soldiers during the Crimean War in the 1850s. With results in hand, she then petitioned the British Government to improve health conditions, first for soldiers and…

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 Nurses Are Caretakers, Not Scientists, Right? Wrong

In fact, they've been doing scientific research since the days of Florence Nightingale.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

The purpose of Clinical Nurse Specialist™: The International Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice is to disseminate outcomes of clinical nurse specialist practice, to foster continued development o fthe clinical nurse specialist role, and to highlight clinical nurse specialist contributions to advancing nursing practice and health policy globally.

National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists

To advance the unique expertise and value the clinical nurse specialist contributes to health care.

Ask Nurse Alice

Benjamin is a nationally board certified and award winning Clinical Nurse Specialist and emergency room nurse specializing in cardiovascular health. She is a seasoned clinician with vast experience in a multitude of health settings both inside and outside the hospital.

Nurse Keith's Digital Doorway

Career advice for savvy 21st-century nurses from holistic career coach Nurse Keith.

Healthy Workforce Institute

We work with healthcare organizations that understand that the way their employees treat each other SHOULD be just as important as the care they provide and are committed to doing something about it.

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