Emergency Nurses

Save a life, you're a hero. Save a 100 lives, you're a nurse - Unknown

Emergency Nurses
Emergency Nurses

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The Hemorrhage of Emergency Nurses

I started my medical career late. Really late. By that time, I’d lived a few lives, I’d earned a boatload of initials, I’d changed husbands, languages and continents, I’d written a useless novel and I’d been a Mary Kay lady. One day over lunch, as I was looking for something to do with myself, my husband suggested medicine. I spent the next nine years immersed in my medical training, feeling guilty every time I spent time with my family, but I digress.

The day I landed in my emergency department, I was on the wrong side of forty, sporting a short copper red haircut not yet seen in humans and an accent that still takes my patient’s mind off their misery (they’ll spend their…

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 The Hemorrhage of Emergency Nurses

Like it or not, this is Emergency Nursing today. They are burned out. They feel overworked, undervalued, abused, unappreciated, and not supported. I agree. What should we do about this? You, me, the other doctor, the other patient? Whether you are an ED doc or not, this affects you. Your family. Your neighbors. YOU.

ER Nurse Insanity: The Texas Years

HIPAA. Trust and believe, these stories are halfway made-up and halfway made up of lots of other stories. I will protect patient privacy like it's my job. Because it is. Many of the photos showing mundane things are ones I took...

The Emergency Nurse

We are in this together.

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal

Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal is a peer-reviewed journal designed to meet the needs of advanced practice clinicians, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, healthcare professionals, and clinical and academic educators in emergency nursing.

California ENA

Our mission is to advocate for patient safety and excellence in emergency nursing practice. We envision our self to be the global emergency nursing resource and advocate for Safe Practice and Safe Care.

College of Emergency Nursing Australasia

The mission of CENA is to foster excellence in Emergency Nursing practice.

Emergency Care Nursing CEU Courses

The Free Directory of Online Continuing Education for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals

Emergency Nurse

We aim to inform and inspire nurses at every step of their career.

Emergency Nurses Association

ENA is the national organization for professional nurses dedicated to the advancement of the emergency nursing profession.

Emergency Nurses Association of British Columbia

Providing advocacy, support, and education to Emergency Nurses and staff across British Columbia. Our passion is providing conferences and courses to our members and create a spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing. With the purpose of driving patient care forward in BC.


Find Emergency Nurse Jobs!! Post your Resume or Confidential Career Profile!! Review Emergency Nurse Salaries in your Area!!

ER Nurses Blog

An exploration into the health industry with particular focus on the men and women battling and saving lives in our ERs.

Journal of Emergency Nursing

Journal of Emergency Nursing is the Official Journal of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA).

National Emergency Nurses Association

The Mission of NENA is: “To represent the Canadian Emergency Nursing Specialty”

Asociacion Mexicana De Enfermeria En Urgencias A.C.

Official website for emergency nurses in Mexico.

Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal

The Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal (AENJ) is the official journal of the College of Emergency Nursing Australasia Ltd. It seeks, through the membership of the College and subscribers, to provide contemporary, thought provoking information relevant to emergency nurses in Australia, New Zealand and Internationally.


Welcome to the crazy world of ER nursing. The stories that come out of the ER can make you laugh, make you cry, and make you pissed. Sometimes all at the same time. ER RN's are a special breed and I do believe we all lean a little bit toward the insane side of reality.

Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse

The adventures of a veteran emergency nurse in an inner city ER.

Thoughts from the Night Shift

Welcome to the night shift. The best and worst of life as seen through the eyes of an ER Trauma nurse.

American Association of Critical Care Nurses

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, the world’s largest specialty nursing organization, has been serving the needs of nurses caring for acutely and critically ill patients since 1969.

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