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Nurses seem to get more than their share of viral fame. The reason for that may be that long after surgeons have packed up their scalpels and doctors have moved on in their rounds, nurses are still at the bedside, managing symptoms, tracking recovery and building the sorts of meaningful relationships that sometimes give rise to a viral Facebook post or YouTube video.

This underscores just how central caregiving is to nursing. Nurses put all their energy into their patients—going above and beyond and often overlooking their own needs in the process.

One important way hospital and health system leaders can better support nurses is by addressing the “cracks in the foundation” that can undermine their resilience. Through research, we’ve identified four of the most pernicious cracks…

  1. The rise of violence and point-of-care safety threats in health care settings;
  2. Nurses' sense that they must make compromises in care delivery;
  3. An overwhelming set of responsibilities that forces nurses to bounce from traumatic experiences to other care activities with no time to recover; and
  4. New technology and responsibilities that lead nurses to feel "isolated in a crowd."

Source: What Hospitals Can Learn from Viral Nurse Videos, Nurses Weekly, February 15, 2019.

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