Podiatric Medicine

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Podiatric Medicine

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Lessons Learned from History

How many of you, when you were kids, hated history? It’s hard to understand what all that stuff in the past had to do with us, and learning all those dates seemed like a useless waste of time.Then in medical school, while learning all those different subjects, here came the eponyms. There were at least two names for everything. The adductor canal in the thigh was also called Hunter’s canal and was also called the subsartorial canal.It made one want to murder the fool who decided medical students had to learn so many names for everything. Why does neurofibromatosis type 1 have to also be named Von Recklinghausen’s disease? Weren’t 10,000 new vocabulary words in the first year enough? Did we…

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 Lessons Learned from History

Stevens tenotomy scissors were invented by George Thomas Stevens (1843-1921),who invented them to cut tendons in the eye to correct strabismus. We’re a bunch of instrument thieves in podiatry!

Podiatry Arena

Welcome to the Podiatry Arena forums, for communication between foot health professionals about podiatry and related topics.

Podiatry Management Online

Podiatry Management is the premier national practice management and business magazine for the podiatric profession. PM publishes articles and features of interest to the podiatric community. In addition, PM conducts an annual survey of fees, expenses and pharmaceutical usage.

Podiatry Network

Podiatry Network is a comprehensive health information web site designed to provide the general public with health information relating to the lower extremities.

Podiatry Today

The authoritative source for comprehensive information and education servicing healthcare professionals.


The FREE Podiatric Internet meeting place for Podiatrists, Residents, Students, Hospitals and Recruiters. Thanks to our sponsors, the features of this site are free!

The Podiatry Institute

The Podiatry Institute is a non-profit educational foundation that offers a variety of programs including conferences, workshops and postgraduate courses.

Clinics in Podiatric Medicine And Surgery

Each issue of Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery updates you on the latest trends in patient management, keeps you up to date on the newest advances, and provides a sound basis for choosing treatment options. Each issue focuses on a single topic in podiatry and is presented under the direction...

Foot and Ankle Clinics

Foot and Ankle Clinics updates you on the latest trends in orthopedic patient management, keeps you up to date on the newest surgical advances, and provides a sound basis for choosing treatment options. Published four times a year—in March, June, September, and December—each issue focuses on a single topic in foot and ankle surgery, from fractures, dislocations, sprains, and amputations, through arthritis, nerve disorders, and congenital deformities. Foot and Ankle Clinics has been edited by Mark S. Myerson, one of the world's foremost experts on foot and ankle reconstruction and injury, since 1995.

Foot Health Forum

Welcome to the foot pain and health forum, where you can get more information about your foot pain and concerns. Here you can get information on a whole range of foot problems; ask questions of experts about foot pain; and share your experiences. The Foot Pain & Health Forum not only draws on experts from a number of disciplines to help, but also from other people who have problems and pain with their feet.


Welcome to the Professional Section of Foot.com specifically dedicated to Podiatrists, Certified Pedorthists, Orthotists and other foot health professionals interested in keeping up with the latest in foot health. In this section, professionals can enjoy an abundance of free member benefits, including participation in our forum to connect with industry professionals, a free subscription to the weekly digital Pedorthic Newswire publication, the latest industry news and updates and much more. We encourage you to visit this section often and take advantage of the wealth of information that will benefit both your patients and practice.

FootCare Direct

Here you will find answers to questions like Why do my heels hurt?, How can I treat my bunions?, and What is neuropathy and what can be done about it?. Browse through our General Foot Information pages, or find information on specific foot problems in the Foot Ailment pages.

Foundation for Podiatric Medicine

The mission of the Foundation for Podiatric Medicine is to offer continuing medical education, professional development and public information services.

The SMAE Institute

Founded in 1919, we are the longest running independent provider of training in Foot Health in the UK, with a reputation for excellence in teaching and pastoral support. We also provide medical indemnity insurance & offer a variety of high quality CPD subjects to help enhance practitioners clinical expertise.


Comprehensive data base of all aspects of Podiatric medicine and surgery. Suitable for podiatry students, clinicians, researchers and podiatric educators. New additions made daily. Over 5000 articles indexed.


Interpod is a market leader in prefabricated foot orthoses for use by health professionals.


Nail-TutorTM is intended for medical students, residents, other healthcare trainees, general practitioners, and dermatologists and requires approximately 3 hours to use.

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