Black History Month

The day that black history is recognized as an integral part of American history, Black History Month will no longer be necessary - Carter G. Woodson, The Father Of Black History Month

Black History Month

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Black History Month and the Celebration of Black Joy

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment the world first informed me that Black women were supposed to move through life with suffering and pain. Growing up, most of the depictions of Blackness I saw around me were in the context of struggle. On the rare occasion I saw Black people who weren’t struggling, there was an underlying suggestion that my family— my mom, my brother, and I—shared responsibility for the barriers that limited us.

I’m not fighting the same exact battles as my parents, or my grandparents, but I still see the struggle of Black people—especially Black women— everywhere. The methods have changed, but the message remains the same. Discrimination and racism are still robbing…

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