Health Inequities

The role of inequity in society is grossly underestimated. Inequity is not good for your health, basically - Frans de Waal

Health Inequities
Health Inequities

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Racism poses public health threat to millions worldwide, finds report

Racism is a “profound” and “insidious” driver of health inequalities worldwide and poses a public health threat to millions of people, according to a global review.

Racism, xenophobia and discrimination are “fundamental influences” on health globally but have been overlooked by health researchers, policymakers and practitioners, the series published in the Lancet suggests.

Inaccurate and unfounded assumptions about genetic differences between races also continue to shape health outcomes through research, policy and practice, the review of evidence and studies found.

“Racism and xenophobia exist in every modern society and have profound effects on the health of…

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 Racism poses public health threat to millions worldwide, finds report

Discrimination has ‘profound’ effect on health of disadvantaged people, says Lancet review.

6 Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Black Maternal Health

From Beyoncé and Serena Williams to Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama, celebrities are using their platforms to call attention to the black maternal mortality crisis.

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