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True health care reform cannot happen in Washington. It has to happen in our kitchens, in our homes, in our communities. All health care is personal - Mehmet Oz

Healthcare Reform

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Health Care Reform Facts: How Does U.S. Actually Stack Up Against Other Countries?

The question often arises, "What is heath care reform and why do we need it?" The answer is almost always something like: The U.S. spends more than any other industrialized country on health care, but gets worse-quality health care. And, the U.S. is the only country that doesn't provide universal coverage to all of its citizens. What are the health care reform facts?

In turns about that each of these claims is technically true, but also very misleading. When you look at the data, the picture gets far more nuanced. And the alleged advantages foreign countries have over the U.S. start to dissipate.

Health Care Reform Facts:…

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