America is not past our prime, it’s just that our politicians are past theirs - Nikki Haley


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Should we be worried about older politicians?

Apart from discussions of the fact that gerontocracies – societies governed by older people – are typically not representative of their population, there are other concerns.

One key focus is mental fitness. Neuroscience and psychology suggest that cognitive performance varies widely as people grow older, making it tricky to determine whether someone can be too old to lead. And while some skills tend to decline with age, others improve. Some "super agers" even possess the mental acuity of people many decades younger than themselves. So, how old is "too old" to lead – or is this the wrong question?

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 Should we be worried about older politicians?

With the top contenders for the US presidential election in 2024 both well past the typical retirement age, debate is raging over the trade-offs of being led by older politicians.

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