Gaza Protests

We’re seeing an antiwar movement at the scale of the movement against the Vietnam War taking shape. I'm hopeful that we’re closer than ever before to a free Palestine, as crazy as that might sound - Munir Marwan

Gaza Protests

image by: Marc Cooper

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The Student-Led Protests Aren’t Perfect. That Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Right

Whether you are watching student protesters on social media or experiencing the protests in person, the way you understand these protests depends on your perception of what they are protesting. It could not be otherwise. If you feel that what is happening in Gaza is a moral atrocity, the student protests will look like a brave stand against American complicity in what they believe is genocide — and a few hateful slogans amid thousands of peaceful demonstrators will look like a minor detail. If you feel the Gaza war is a necessarily violent defense against terrorists bent on destroying the Jewish state, the students will seem like collaborators with murderous antisemitism — even if many of…

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 The Student-Led Protests Aren’t Perfect. That Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Right

It is easy when looking backward to remember the fight for a good cause as pure and untainted, even if it did not seem so at the time. In the same way, we now remember the Vietnam War as an American tragedy. The students at Columbia University who protested it seem, in retrospect, to have been right. But our memories elide some of their more outré tactics. A list of popular chants employed by antiwar protesters at a time when thousands of American soldiers were dying each year fighting in the war included things like “One side’s right. One side’s wrong. We’re on the side of the Viet Cong!” and “Save Hanoi. Lose Saigon. Victory to the Viet Cong!”

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