The small town needs the best and not the worst doctor procurable, for the country doctor has only himself to rely on. He cannot in every pinch hail specialist and nurse - Dr. Abraham Flexner


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Better Technology Brings Benefits of Telepsychiatry to Rural Areas

If there is any better place to utilize telemedicine it would be in rural medicine...but what about telemental health...

Rural telemental health is working, but it needs to overcome several nontechnical barriers to gain wider implementation.

Telepsychiatry and other long-distance options for providing mental health care can help overcome problems related to location and distribution of specialty mental health services but should not be seen as a panacea for delivering care to rural areas in the United States, reported from the Maine Rural Health Research Center.

“Telemental health” (the authors’ preferred term) once depended on heavy-duty audio and video technology…

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