Ukraine Conflict

Gee what’s the best thing that you can do for the world right now in the middle of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic? How about invade another country, especially one that’s already been struggling with Covid-19 and polio - Bruce Y Lee

Ukraine Conflict

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Public Health Catastrophe Looms in Ukraine, Experts Warn

Even before the war, the country struggled with epidemics of H.I.V., tuberculosis and hepatitis. The conflict threatens to undo decades of progress...

The fighting also has damaged health facilities throughout the country and spawned a refugee crisis, imperiling thousands of people with chronic conditions like diabetes and cancer who depend on continuing care.

“Everything is at very high risk, as it is always in the battlefield,” said Dr. Michel Kazatchkine, a former U.N. secretary general envoy for Eastern Europe.

“We should anticipate major health crises with regard to infectious diseases and chronic diseases across the region that I expect to be severe and…

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Last Updated : Sunday, March 27, 2022