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Traumatic Brain Injury

Injury taught me I need to learn how to face challenges - Shawn Johnson

Traumatic Brain Injury

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The meeting of another with a brain injury is always so interesting – the story, the pain, the recovery, and the new life for them, each one is always different.  Each story an amazing journey and incredible process, as we learn how others have lived, and died, after becoming part of this incredible injury group.

Brain injuries are so complicated, each one exhibiting different symptoms, healing a different way, with results never being exactly the same.  One person can have severe headaches, and someone else has none.  One can have no problems with their vision while another struggles each day with blurriness or depth perception problems.  One person can have memory deficits, while another has no memory issues at all.

A brain injury to your family may be very different than the brain injury in mine – my reality is different from yours. But we share a common bond – we have lived the horror of the unknown, often following a horrific accident, or injury, or crash.  The scary is followed by more scary; the fear, followed with more fear.  There is an ongoing process of recovery, that last months and months, before you know the outcome.

I pray for those of you early in your recovery path – I feel that no one knows how scary and exhausting that process can be.  Those of us that have been there before you – know that we feel the pain, we worry alongside you, and that we are always here to pass along words of advice, or to just listen.

For those of us that have been there before, we offer the strength to those that come along after us. For we are part of unique fraternity of people, a fraternity that we never wanted to belong to – but now, we are here, a family that thrives on survival, and strength, and support.  Support of one another.  Forever.

Source: The Brain Injury Fraternity, TBI Blog, September 2, 2013.

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