Dandy Walker Syndrome

Dandy-Walker is the best-known birth defect of the cerebellum, but not the only one. The medical community has this amazing confusion about what true Dandy-Walker is - William Dobyns MD

Dandy Walker Syndrome

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The Coles had never heard of Dandy-Walker, and in the weeks that followed they searched for an organization that could provide information about it and connect them with other families raising children with the syndrome. When they didn’t find one, they put their respective areas of expertise to work...

A year after their son was diagnosed in utero, the Coles created a website, Dandy-Walker.org, and posted abstracts of studies about Dandy-Walker from peer-reviewed medical journals, along with additional information and resources. They wanted other parents who Googled “Dandy-Walker” to find more than they had.

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